2 Internet Marketing Methods to Make Money Online which are Guaranteed to Work

by Georg Rauh on March 16, 2011

make money online with those internet marketing strategiesHere are two pretty good methods to make money online, two simple but 100% proven methods which are bound to work.

Earnings up to $400 PER DAY if you do it right.

Let’s just cut right to the chase.

1) Online Money Making Method Nr .1

Social Networking and Selling PLR

This is so simple it hurts. It is also nothing new, by a long shot. But this doesn’t need to interest us. What counts is that it works, regardless how old the method is.

Get a PLR ebook about a subject, say Weight Loss. There are countless web sites online where you can download ebooks for free or buy for a few pennies. Make sure the ebook has MRR (master resell rights.)

Sign up at ejunkie.com or paypal. The best solution in my opinion is to use DLGuard because it makes it very easy with selling. Set the price for your downloadable ebook at $9.99 or similar.

Go to blogger.com, squidoo…or my favorite, wordpress.com. I really like wordpress.com best. Create a nice looking site on wordpress or blogger. Write a review, testimonial etc….put the link to your download on your site.

Go and sign up on twitter or facebook, and now it’s time to get many followers and friends. Go to fiverr.com and buy twitter followers or facebook friends. Use software like tweetadder ot tweet attacks. This is the hardest part, but you need several thousands of followers.

Don’t be spammer, try to get many loyal followers and look legit. Use your new site URL with your product in your profile. Occasionally, tweet to your page about your ebook.

ArticleRanksWatch the dollars coming in.

2) Crazy Online Money Method with CPA (Cost per Action)

Sign up at a CPA program like Neverblue, Copeac etc.

Choose an easy and high converting program like a simple email or zip submit.

Do some keyword research with Market Samurai and find a two or three words keywords which is highly relevant to your CPA offer. Shoot for low competition, like <100.000 SEOTC. (Competing pages allintitle)

Make a web site with good on page SEO to ensure the best possible ranking for that keyword. (You might want to check out SeoPressor, this does a good job for the best possible on-page seo.)

Use Article Marketing Robot and “blast” articles with links to your web site containing the CPA email submit offer.

Use Scrapebox, and get a good auto-approve list. You can get such lists on webmaster forums cheap.

Blast the hell out of your article links which you blasted with Article Marketing Robot earlier. It comes in handy that Article Marketing Robot has a “live link” report feature so you can get the exact URLs of your submitted articles.

Make sure to make a “live link” check every day since the article directories usually don’t publish articles right away.

Use Scrapebox and link to all the articles.

Using this method, it is possible to get position #1 ranking for medium difficulty keywords. Given appropriate search volume (MINIMUM 2300/day!!) and desired daily traffic of 1000 visitors per day this can net about $400 daily from simple email submits.

The key here is to choose a keyword with high search volume and relatively low competition. It can be done SIMPLY with Article Marketing Robot and Scrapebox and does not need any more advanced SEO than that!

However, feel free to add your own twist and backlink methods.

Those above two money making methods have been proven to work, regardless of their simplicity!

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the second one is very nice this is very useful for the make money…..
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