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According to highly reputable link building sites (linkvanareviews et. al.), Article Submission to good Article Directories will yield the best backlinks and better Google rankings compared to many often expensive link building services!
In fact, on linkvana reviews, Article Submission with Article Marketing Robot is Ranked #3 in Effectiveness, far above many other services like eg. S*********e, leaving many other established and expensive backlink services and systems in the dust!! This is proof what an important role article submission plays for SEO and rankings!
I will submit your article(s) to
Several Thousands of High Quality Article Sites

The total number of available article directories to submit to is currently

3900 Article Directories
With about one thousand of those article directories with PR1+, 600  with PR2+ up and a nice range of good PR sites having PR4, PR5 up to PR7.
My article submission service includes High Quality Sites like Ezine articles, Articlesbase, Goarticles, Isnare … plus much more plus additionally distribution of your content or article to various wordpress blogs!!
You can send me your own article (400-500 words) or i can provide you with a high quality "Ultra-Spinnable Article" in the Internet Marketing/SEO, Health and Weight Loss Niche for the submission. (For this additional "Ultra Spinnable Article" provided by me i will charge an additional $5).
( –> If you send me a normal, non-spun article i will "auto-spin" your article which will yield "so-so" results, but this will not be close to the readability and uniqueness of a manual spun or even ultra-spinnable article. )
Requirements for Most Effective Article Submission:

* Your 400-500ish words article
–> If possible, send a WELL SPUN ARTICLE or order ultra spinnable article from me.
* Your link(s) and keywords.
Max. 2 links, 2 keywords for each link, i will spin them.
While you CAN indicate you want a link in the body of the article i would recommend against it and only use your link(s) in the resource box. By default, your link(s) will go in the resource box.
* A set of titles for the article. From 5 up to 10 or so alternative titles. Those will be used and spun by me before submission.
* Category of your Article(s) (eg. internet marketing, business, health, etc..)
Furthermore i recommend not to bother about the many low PR article sites.
While i am able to attempt submission to approx 3900 directories total i would recommend to only submit to the sites with PR1+ which is approx. 1000 article sites as of right now. You can, however, indicate whether you want a "blast" on all available sites (incl. PR0) or only the PR1+ sites on your order.
Due to various circumstances like article directories down, sign-ups disabled, categories not matching etc.. a full blast will usually yield about 1000-1500 successful submissions.
You will get an Excel report after submission showing the number of sites and URLs as well as PR of the sites where your article was successfully distributed.


The price per submission is Only $18!!
(An additional $5 fee is charged if you need an ultra-spinnable Article)

Payments to PayPal cpriaulx AT

Email for inquires and sending article: rauh.georg AT
You can also use our contact form for inquiries .
Note –> I do not provide a "live link" report showing the actual article URLs after submission. The reason is that it usually takes some time (sometimes days) until an article is accepted and published by many sites.
There is no point in running a "live link" report immediately after submission since it would only show very, very few articles, the ones which got auto accepted. The majority of articles on article sites are not auto accepted, so your backlinks will usually appear spread out over some days. This is actually a good thing. However, you can request an additional "live link" check (preferably after some days) for $5 if you really want.
Get my Article Submission Submission Service for higher rankings, more backlinks and traffic NOW!

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Mike March 2, 2011 at 2:44 am

Hi Georg,
Great site, and great service. Looks good.

I was wondering:
1) For the fee of  $12 will our article be submitted to 1000 sites? (all with backlinks with our chosen keyword?)
2) Do you do adult keywords?
3) How do I write my article more spinnable for you?


admin March 3, 2011 at 6:02 pm

I think i answered you in some emails 🙂 Well adult is always a little odd with that kind of marketing.


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