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How to Build a Successful Website

by Georg Rauh on December 5, 2013

Building a Successful WebsiteI was planning to possibly write an ebook on building a successful website, but I thought I will start this off with a post here where I put the most essential things into easy to read form.

If you read this, a certain level of experience may be helpful, for example you should know how to set-up WordPress or you should know some basics about finding a good niche.

I also do not want to ...

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speed up writing with dragon naturally speakingIn the past I considered speech recognition to speed up my article writing a gimmick. My main concern was always that speech recognition on the PC is (supposedly) still not “perfect enough”.

I reasoned that the required corrections at the end would ultimately offset the initially benefit of being able to create content faster. I didn’t see the point in using speech recognition when the result would require me to do lengthy editing for each ...

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A successful facebook marketing strategyWith the right facebook social media strategy you can create an enormous amount of traffic and leads. But how do you use Facebook successfully to generate more business? How do you tap into this huge market of almost one billion people where each one may well be your next potential customer?

To be successful with facebook marketing you need to do it right. The most effective thing you can do for your business is to ...

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Small Business Hosting / Hybrid VPS

Do You Need Good and Reliable Web Hosting For Your Small Business & Internet Marketing?

My Personal Review of Wiredtree’s Hybrid Server Hosting

(Click the image to go to

Let me first start this review by telling you that I have rather extensive experience with various webhosting providers, namely those who offer VPS hosting or what’s known as “hybrid hosting”.

In the last few years, I went through at least a dozen or ...

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High Quality Article Spinning Service – 100% Manual Article Spinning Service

With my Article Spinning Service you will get Top Quality, Manually Spun Articles in Spintax Format!


I am creating very readable, unique, manually spun Articles which are essential if you are using SEO services such as blog networks or use SEO software such as SenukeX or similar.

Using My Article


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Linkaloha – The Best Link Building Service

by Georg Rauh on December 16, 2011


Linkaloha – Powerful Backlinks on Autopilot

Linkaloha is a backlink service i am using for several months already.

Here in this article i will point out why i think that Linkaloha is one of the currently best ways to build backlinks.

The “bad” news first: Linkaloha is by far not a “cheap” service. The reason is simply that it is not in the same league as other, so called “link building services”. It has ultimately ...

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How to Create an App

by Georg Rauh on December 5, 2011

How to Create an AppLearn How to Create an App for Iphone without ANY Programming!

If you want to know how to create an app and be successful without any programming experience you need to read this!

We can show you how to get it made fast without any coding experience at all – so easy a caveman can do it.

Be part of a billion-dollar industry where the average Joe can hit it and make millions of dollars ...

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Get A Google Business Listing – Get More Local Customers!

Boost your Business and Get More Customers With SBL’s Local Business SEO Package!

Every day millions of consumers search for local businesses online. With our Google Business Listing you will increase your business exposure and your revenue!

The Google Business Listing

Here is a fact: The majority of searches on Google (73%) are related to local content. Almost all consumers today use the internet when searching for local products ...

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