How to Build a Successful Website

by Georg Rauh on December 5, 2013

Building a Successful WebsiteI was planning to possibly write an ebook on building a successful website, but I thought I will start this off with a post here where I put the most essential things into easy to read form.

If you read this, a certain level of experience may be helpful, for example you should know how to set-up WordPress or you should know some basics about finding a good niche.

I also do not want to ...

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HostnineI have two SUPER HOT Hostnine Coupon codes which will only be valid  for 24 hours on those two days: 11/28/2013 and 12/2/2013 EST.

You need to jump on those FAST! I don’t know about the exact promotion discount but you definitely need to check them out. Since it’s very limited Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals these discounts will likely be massive! ...

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speed up writing with dragon naturally speakingIn the past I considered speech recognition to speed up my article writing a gimmick. My main concern was always that speech recognition on the PC is (supposedly) still not “perfect enough”.

I reasoned that the required corrections at the end would ultimately offset the initially benefit of being able to create content faster. I didn’t see the point in using speech recognition when the result would require me to do lengthy editing for each ...

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Ever since Google’s Hummingbird update was announced last month it caused quite a stir. Let me just cite one website where someone claimed that the Hummingbird update will have “significant consequences for content writing and general SEO, apparently affecting around 90% of searches.”  (Seen here). I want to take this opportunity to clear up this myth about the recent Google update.


Google’s Hummingbird is one more step in Google’s attempt to better understand ...

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Small Business Hosting / Hybrid VPS

Do You Need Good and Reliable Web Hosting For Your Small Business & Internet Marketing?

My Personal Review of Wiredtree’s Hybrid Server Hosting

(Click the image to go to WiredTree.com)

Let me first start this review by telling you that I have rather extensive experience with various webhosting providers, namely those who offer VPS hosting or what’s known as “hybrid hosting”.

In the last few years, I went through at least a dozen or ...

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3D Animation Software

by Georg Rauh on December 6, 2011

3D Animation SoftwareThis stunning 3D Animation Software will make it possible for you to create professional 3D Animations and Designs as easy as never before!

You will be able produce animations and models like Pixar or Walt Disney easily and quickly from the comfort of your home.

Look at the screenshots which should speak for themselves…

The most advanced 3d animation software of today

This is easily the most advanced 3D Animation Software out there.

It is so easy to use that even newbies can ...

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How to Create an App

by Georg Rauh on December 5, 2011

How to Create an AppLearn How to Create an App for Iphone without ANY Programming!

If you want to know how to create an app and be successful without any programming experience you need to read this!

We can show you how to get it made fast without any coding experience at all – so easy a caveman can do it.

Be part of a billion-dollar industry where the average Joe can hit it and make millions of dollars ...

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Want to know the best on-site SEO tips for your website?

seo tips for your siteHere the Top 13 SEO Tips – Guaranteed to give your web site a boost in the search engine rankings!

1) Have Main Keywords In Domain Name

2) Main Keywords Placed In Home Title Tag 2 Times

3) Main Keywords Placed In H1, H2, H3 Tags

4) Include Main Keywords In Beginning Of First Sentence Of Each Paragraph

5) Include Main Keywords In Last ...

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