Google Traffic Loophole – Read the truth, you will NOT like it!

by Georg Rauh on May 31, 2010

I came across a product called “Google Traffic Loophole” by a fellow named Alex Goad.

Right now, the internet is full with buzz because every affiliate and their mama is promoting this product.

Here is the sad truth about this sad product:

The creator of the product Alex Goad CLAIMS in the sales video it’s a “new” method exposing some kind of loophole on Adwords to get cheap clicks for a penny. He also explicitly CLAIMS that this method does not use the content network.

In reality, this product is nothing more than the stone-old method of using the content network and image banner ads. This is 100% the opposite of what he says. In addition, the method simply does not work.

The method of using banner ads on Google is known for at least two years aleady, i came along this on various forums a long time ago.

There is another problem: You simply will not get $0.01 cent per click adwords clicks. I am working with Adwords for about three years now and have been there and done that multiple times already:

Create banner ads in all available formats, shove keywords (50) into the adgroup to create a theme.

You simply will not get $0.01 clicks, in fact, those ads will most of the time not even get impressions. You will also not get $0.05 clicks….or even $0.50 clicks in some niches. I am not alone. The forums are full with people who tried the Google Traffic Loophole method multiple times without success.

Why i do not recommend this product:

*) Very old rehashed method sold as something new.

*) Sales video contains several misleading and false statements. The biggest of course “this is not on content”.

*) Clicks for one cent: Never. It simply does not work.

But, Dear Affiliates, keep promoting this product and keep sending out newsletters. And keep building your fake review sites where you praise this product. I just got a newsletter from J.Jones (creator of Micro Niche Finder) and several others “recommending” this product. Sorry James, MNF rocks….but did you have to go that low?

Of course, those marketers only recommend Google Traffic Loophole since its on clickbank right now and gained quite some gravity.

I bet no one of you even tested this product. Shame on all you marketers promoting this disgrace of a product just for the sake of maybe getting some commissions.

Google Traffic Loophole earns my “lemon of the month” award for the biggest rehashed clickbank product since “Get Google Adwords for Free”.


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