Highest Paying AdSense Keywords

by Georg Rauh on February 19, 2009

highest paying adsense keywords

Highest Paying AdSense Keywords


For February 2009 (Example)

The guys at AdsenseHeaven sell monthly updated keyword lists, and this is good since such research would take a long time.

But many people do not know that there are certain things to consider when looking for the highest paying adsense keywords.

For example, i have the list of 15.000 current "high paying" keywords, and the list is sorted after CPC. (Cost Per Click).

Here the first few of from thiskeyword list:



houston mesothelioma lawyers$92.25$9.00$273.60
mesothelioma lawyers houston$92.25$9.00$273.60
malignant mesothelioma pleural rate survival$91.81$2.00$60.80
delaware mesothelioma lawyers$90.25$3.00$91.20
mesothelioma attorneys los angeles$87.22$4.00$121.60
illinois mesothelioma lawyers$86.64$3.00$91.20
idaho car accident lawyer$85.73$3.00$91.20
mesothelioma attorneys san diego$82.74$4.00$121.60
asbestos lawyers los angeles$82.67$6.00$182.40
georgia mesothelioma lawyer$79.86$60.00$1,824.00
california mesothelioma attorneys$79.45$6.00$182.40
mesothelioma attorneys california$79.45$6.00$182.40
colorado mesothelioma lawyers$77.74$4.00$121.60
asbestos attorneys philadelphia$77.17$3.00$91.20
philadelphia asbestos attorneys$77.17$3.00$91.20
fort worth dwi lawyer$76.92$60.00$1,824.00


We get an Excel list with those Colums:

Keyword, CPC (Cost per Click), Hightest Possibly Daily Expenditure, Highest Possible Monthly Expenditure.

So..some webmasters look ONLY at the CPC (The maximum possible AdSense payout is derived from the CPC. We do not know the exact amount what a click pays…we only know what an advertiser has to pay (Cost Per Click) for a click so we can make an assumption that the Payout is high also. My personal guess is its about 20% of the CPC.)

The Problem is that the CPC columns is UNINTERESTING since the plain "Cost Per Click"does not help us at all if a keyword does not get any search volume!

"Houston Mesothelioma Lawyers" may indeed be the "highest paying keyword"  – but its not profitable since there is very little search volume, if at all!

What we need to look at is actually the "Highest Possible Daily Expenditure" column, which is CPC x Search Volume.

Basically this means we have to convert our "highest paying adsense keywords" list into a "most profitable keywords list".

We do this by sorting our list for colums "highest possible daily expenditure", and then we get: 

home mortgage$23.60$244,620.00$7,436,448.00 
free insurance quotes$25.66$213,100.00$6,478,240.00 
Insurance Quotes$30.64$157,090.00$4,775,536.00 
Auto Insurance$34.10$139,470.00$4,239,888.00 
Equity Loans$15.22$98,060.00$2,981,024.00 
Refinancing Home Mortgage$39.00$97,090.00$2,951,536.00 
capital one$29.25$90,600.00$2,754,240.00 
Car Insurance$20.00$78,270.00$2,379,408.00 



Another strategy is to eliminate the first 1000 of this list of 15.000 adsense keywords altogether. We do this since the first 1000 keywords are probably extremely competitive with just too many sites trying to rank for those keywords.

So…, in Excel, you delete the first thousand of those keywords. You remove duplicates. You sort the list for "highest possible daily expenditure". You delete all the ones at the bottom, say, all keywords with a daily possible expenditure< $2000 or something.

THEN you get a real list, a ist of the most profitable adsense keywords, and not only "the highest paying keywords" which is utterly worthless!




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