Huge Shift in SEO coming – SEO Trends 2013

by Georg Rauh on December 1, 2012

Agencia de Marketing Digital will bring a big shift for SEO strategies, once again. If you haven’t already realized this, in particular after Panda and Penguin, it might be already too late!

2013 will without any doubt prove that SEO will be even more about high quality, user focused content – even more so than what could already be observed throughout 2012.

quality content will be king in 2013Shift from “Link Building” To Content Marketing and Content Creation

There are still SEO providers out there who still believe in rather old-fashioned concepts, such as link building where quantity trumps quality. “Link building for the sake of getting a link only”.

Content is often seen as an inconvenience where it merely serves as the medium needed “to get a backlink”, rather than its true purpose, eg. providing benefit and value to a reader.

The first big shift in SEO will happen when SEO providers will realize that without producing top quality and well researched content there won’t be any links, so yes, contacting companies like will be a must know.

There will be no more “link building” if a SEO company does not also have a dedicated area as part of their strategy that has a focus on quality content creation.

I am not talking about “article” writing – you can safely scrap that entire idea. I am also not talking about buying a $4 article from a forum which will serve only the purpose so a link can be “embedded”. I am not talking about writing the 100th piece on “reverse phone directories” or a 500 words pseudo review on some clickbank product. If you saw one of those “articles”, you’ve seen all.

The Shift Towards Proper Content Marketing and Creation

… means that you will need to be able to produce (or get) top-notch quality content which is not only user engaging and “unique” ( in a sense that it is different from whatever else is out there) – it will mean that content will become utmost priority also for link building.

Without stellar content there will not be any link!

SEOs will have to stop “link building” but put their priorities into content creation where the link is seen as something which will come as a natural result from their content.

I would go so far as to say that the end of “traditional” link building is pretty much near – 2013 will show this, take my word!

Author Rank: Miss This And You Will Lose The SEO Game!

Pretty much one of biggest change in 2013 will be the introduction of author rank.

“Content quality, as measured by search engines, is no longer based solely on the authority of a domain or Web page. It is increasingly based on the reputation and authority of the individual that authored the content.”

This is actually the most profound thing I read in a while, makes you wonder why it took them so long to come up with this “wisdom”.

Author Rank Will Change The Search Engine Optimization Landscape

Pagerank will become even less important, it might still play a minor factor, however. Brace for author rank if you still want to be in business next year, this is serious!

Aside from a shift from traditional SEO techniques like “link building” to “content marketing” as being the crucial foundation for it, it is also easy to foresee another change in 2013:

High Quality Content Producers Will See More and More Demand

In the last few days I was scouring the usual forums again where “articles” and writing services are offered, and I say it straight out: Every time I see those people offering “articles” I am tempted to jump out of the window because those “article writers” still haven’t “gotten it” respective there is still those fools around who (literally) buy into this.

PLR content, rewritten PLR content, 450 word “articles” and “ezine quality” articles will not cut it anymore, by a long shot. Your nice foreign writer that can supply you cheap content for $4 a pop, content that is laced with errors won’t do it either, I am afraid.

What this means: The future will bring an increased demand for good quality content providers and writers – and this is a good thing!

Let Google get into full force with author rank and let the shift from “link building” to content marketing happen – I can predict that a big number of so called “writers” will be out of business within the next 6 months or so.

Big changes are happening and you have to adapt to them to stay in the SEO game. Content was always one very important factor – but 2013 will be THE year where it will be made very clear that content is the most important factor in SEO, before anything else.

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