by Georg Rauh on May 31, 2010

IMEyeIMeye is the new keyword research tool created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

IMeye is currently the buzz of the web, so to speak. It's clickbank gravity and what people and marketers say about it leads us to believe that it is really one of the better recent products. Keyword research is one of the most important things you can do if you are a marketer trying to be successful online.

Most of the time, the right keyword research beforehand can decide whether your new campaign or web site will be successful or not. The problem is that such research needs decent SEO skills, time and effort. This is where ImEye comes in.

People are already calling ImEye "the best keyword research tool" – so let's take a look at it why! Why is its approach so unique?

What makes it so different from other, similar tools is that it uses a very new and unique way of keywords research as opposed to existing tools like Market Samurai, Google Adwords Tool etc.

You simply select a criteria for your keyword beforehand and Imeye can really find the most profitable keyword for you. All this happens automatically and easier and much more straight forward as with other keyword software.

Let me explain: With conventional tools you usually use a seed keyword and then drill down and filter later according what the tool spits out. With IMEye you actually enter those criteria backwards, this is a very unique approach. You start the tool and tell it things like your desired monthly search volume, competition, adwords bids and so forth.

The tool then goes out and fetches exactly those keywords where you already know they will be profitable since you entered the desired values beforehand! "Bad" keywords wont even show up and you dont need to filter afterwards. Imeye Video

The video really IS impressive – and i say this as owner of Market Samurai, MNF, KWE2.0 and a dozen other keyword research tools.

According to them, their keyword database currently holds about 3 Mil. keywords. You then simply enter your "dream values" like "less than 100.000 competing pages in Google and less than 25.000 phrases in title and pays more (or costs less) than $xx" In the next second you have ultra profitable (or super cheap) keywords.

Or super-easy to rank SEO keywords for easy to dominate niches. Possibilities are endless… This is truly a keyword research software which lets the profitable keywords find you!

Of course, there are many more features for finding profitable keywords and niches.

Whether you are using Adwords or Adsense, whether you are a webmaster or sell products from Clickbank, it's almost a given you can use this tool in many, many ways.

You can dig up profitable keywords and niches beforehand easily with this powerful tool.

IMEye is not exactly cheap. The creators legitimate their pricing with the fact that they made a premium tool which should not be available for everyone. But i think it's way and well worth it considering the unique and very good approach to keyword research! A+++ Go here to get IMEye <– G.

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