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by Georg Rauh on December 16, 2011


Linkaloha – Powerful Backlinks on Autopilot

Linkaloha is a backlink service i am using for several months already.

Here in this article i will point out why i think that Linkaloha is one of the currently best ways to build backlinks.

The “bad” news first: Linkaloha is by far not a “cheap” service. The reason is simply that it is not in the same league as other, so called “link building services”. It has ultimately a LOT more features and differences which i will explain in a second.

I also need to point out that i am working (and worked) with all kinds of blog networks, backlink services and software in the past, so i think i can make a fair evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.

Linkaloha Advantage #1 – Set It Up and Forget It: Backlinks Automatically!

The first thing i like about linkaloha is the fact that it is one (if not the only one!) way to build backlinks which is truly “set-it and forget it” which i have not seen with ANY other software or link building service.

This means that you only log-in to the linkaloha interface once to set-up your campaigns. This, by the way is very easy to do and does only take a minute or so.

Linkaloha CampaignsIn the image to the right you see how you set up your campaigns. The nice thing here is that you do NOT need to submit articles or spin articles or anything.

You do not need to submit Articles or spin Articles!

Because all you need for your campaigns is your URL, then you enter the keyword(s), select the type of link and category….and you are done!

I cannot emphasize enough how time saving this is compared to other systems where i spend hours every day to write (or find) articles and where i in addition have to spin them also.

With Linkaloha i don’t need to do any of this because Linkaloha will automatically fetch related articles and it will also spin them!

Blogs, Web2.0, Social Media, Twitter, Articles, Profiles… All-In-One!

You will also notice how the Linkaloha link building service is difference since it allows you to choose between all kinds of links, as opposed to other services.

With Linkaloha i can make blog network links, web2.0, social bookmarks, tweets and wikis as well as article links. It is as easy as simply selecting the kind of link i want from the menu. Once selected, Linkaloha does everything automatically and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Here also, this is a feature i have NOT seen anywhere else! You could maybe hire “link builders” from forums for creating this kind of diversity with backlinks – but here it is all automatic from one single interface.

Yes, you could use software like Senuke to achieve similar…but i don’t know about you, i am spending WAY too much time with Senuke every time since with software it takes hours to create the accounts and articles and do the submits and spins: Time i simply don’t have!

Interlinking and Link Pyramids – The BEST Thing about Linkaloha!

And here now is the kicker: Not only does Linkaloha feature all those kinds of links, you can actually interlink them and build extremely powerful link structures like link pyramids!

It is very easy: Every time you set-up a campaign you can optionally also specify a “parent” campaign where your new type of link will link to.

For example, you could make a “blog network” campaign which links to your money site – and then a second campaign with bookmarks or tweets which in-turn links to that campaign: A Link Pyramid – Easy as Pie!

This way you can make very powerful things really, really easily.

While the Linkaloha interface is not “exciting” or fancy, it’s very easy to do all this and should become clear quickly. Simple, but powerful.

Running on Autopilot and Building Links – 24/7! will take you a minute or two to set-up your campaigns and then you are all set. Linkaloha will start posting your links automatically every day and you don’t need to do anything else, ever.

There is no maintenance needed nor do you need to submit articles or similar. Once set-up you know your links are built 24/7 how you want them…and you can lay back and know it’s working building your links.

If you have experience with similar services or software, i am sure you might agree that Linkaloha has features which no other link building service offers: It’s 100% automatic, it features extreme link diversity AND you can let it create powerful interlinked links and pyramids. And despite its power it only takes a fraction of the time needed with other services!

Therefore, i can highly recommend Linkaloha for any serious SEO and webmaster.

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admin December 26, 2011 at 1:37 am

Need to add: Linkaloha is *sold out* at the moment, but spots will be free again as soon as possible. Koen is not one of those people who makes “fake” sold-out sales letters. It’s simply a matter of resources and expanding linkaloha to accommodate for the high demand. So keep checking back! G.


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