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by Georg Rauh on February 22, 2012

LinkAuthorityLinkAuthority – A New Star on the Blog Network Sky?

How good is the new Linkauthority network – A Review

Today we have really no lack of blog networks to build backlinks and to get PR. Those networks seem to pop up like mushrooms recently.

I am using such networks for a long time already (with good success, i might add), namely articleranks, ALN (authority link network) and recently also the newcomer Free Blog Links. (Free blog links will get its separate review, i think it deserves it)

LinkAuthority is the new network from the same guys who already made ArticleRanks, so we can certainly expect those guys already knowing what they are doing. is Different!

Linkauthority is different since it is not a “spun article” network and all submitted articles NEED to be of rather high quality and unique. In this regards it is very similar to BMR (build my ranks).

The other difference is that linkauthority does not have ANY PR0 or PR1 sites in the network, but all sites in the network have a minimum of PR2 or better!

As for the number of sites in the network, on their page it says “We have personally added hundreds of sites in the network, plus TONS of user submitted sites”.

I myself submitted a PR4 site to the network which gave me 4 credits, that is, i can submit 4 articles per day since i am contributing to the network with a site. Alternatively, you can get more credits either by purchasing them, submitting more sites or referring other people to linkauthority.

LinkAuthorityTheir quality stakes in terms of the sites in the network plus the submitted articles is really high. I had to clean up my own site a few times until it was accepted since they do not remotely accept any site with duplicate content, let alone spun content.

The same standard applies for the actual articles if you want to submit.The articles should be 150 words minimum (which grants you one link) – if they are 350 words or larger you can place 3 links in it.

I ran into quite some troubles having a few articles rejected because i was told they were to “promotional”, or they did not get accepted due to the nature of the article. This made me a little mad, but overall i think it is a good thing when the quality standard is set so high resulting in the network differing from other, low quality networks.

Since i am only using for some days i can only get a rough idea about PR distribution of submitted articles/links and “real life” ranking results – BUT i saw a sharp traffic spike on one of my sites which i partly attribute to the fact that i use this network. The traffic shot up almost 40% from one day to the other, and the few articles i submitted so far ended up on PR3 blogs.

In my personal opinion, this is a mighty and powerful network which should rival BMR. It’s also perfect to use in addition to other networks like ALN or similar.

The user interface on LinkAuthority with creating projects, adding articles etc. is really very simple and straight forward, more than compared to some other networks. There is really nothing to complain. I really think this is a good network you should look into due to the fact of its VERY high quality standard and the fact it only has higher PR sites in it.

The other thing i like is that you can use it “for free” if you add your own high PR, quality sites.

If you sign up through any of my links i am getting submission credit, so if you would like to check them out (which i really recommend!) please use my links <— 🙂


Very high quality blogs in the network
Only PR2-PR6 blogs in it
Very easy interface


You need to write (or let write articles), must be unique
Some topics are not being accepted


A+++ , Recommended!

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