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by Georg Rauh on July 18, 2013

Small Business Hosting / Hybrid VPS

Do You Need Good and Reliable Web Hosting For Your Small Business & Internet Marketing?

My Personal Review of Wiredtree’s Hybrid Server Hosting

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Let me first start this review by telling you that I have rather extensive experience with various webhosting providers, namely those who offer VPS hosting or what’s known as “hybrid hosting”.

In the last few years, I went through at least a dozen or so providers so I was able compare their offers and how their hosting solutions would fit with my own internet marketing purposes.

As so many other internet marketers or small business owners, I long ago grew out of the “Hostdaddy-type” shared hosting requirements since almost all of the common shared hosting companies could not accommodate what I needed. One reason for this was that I am always running multiple sites and domains where most of them will have WordPress installed, such as this site here. Not only do I have multiple WordPress sites installed, I also have a lot of plugins and custom scripts running. The common ‘cheap’ shared hosting companies hardly every could keep up with the load and I constantly ran into trouble with shared hosting.

I need a fast and optimized server, this is why I abandoned shared hosting long ago.

The other major criteria while I long ago abandoned shared hosting and went with VPS and hybrid hosting is server optimization. I am using multiple cache tools and CDNs (content delivery networks). For example when I make a  WordPress site I am using the W3 Cache plugin where I make use of Xcache and all sorts of other server optimizations which I cannot do with normal, shared hosting. There are other things like MySQL optimizations and so forth but I won’t go into detail now since this would go beyond the scope of this review.

VPS and Hybrid Server Hosting – Not All Are The Same, Take My Word …

While I went through a whole bunch of VPS hosting providers I encountered there are quite some differences in regards to their offers, performance and prices.  Some of those differences are significant.

On average, VPS or Hybrid hosting as I require it at this moment cost me anything from $80-$100 month. This is for a beefy server with *at least* 3GB of ram, unlimited domains and of course plenty of “power” to be able to run numerous demanding sites at the same time. For me, there is no point in going with some “Hostdaddy” web host for $10 per month just to have them tell me a week later that my sites cause too much load and they cannot continue to host them, which already happened multiple times. From that point of view, I am actually satisfied with rather paying a little more per month as opposed to transferring an entire server with multiple sites to a new company every two weeks. This is seriously a pain in the butt.

One VPS hosting provider I don’t want to name here also charged like $80 per month and then later told me that my sites would cause too much load and they can’t host them. This entirely puzzled me seeing that it was a VPS hosting provider which at least should’ve been able to handle a bunch of WordPress sites.

Bad Experience With Previous Hybrid Hosting Provider

The “best” (sarcasm) experience I had with the web hosting company I had before this one. I also don’t want to name this company but just know they are pretty known. The price was also rather reasonable, $80 per month and performance was “ok” although I could have wished for more memory on the server.

What happened is that the company started to tell all clients great upcoming hardware updates and how each client’s server will profit from the new servers, new and faster RAID SSDs and so forth. I was very hyped because for a geek like me it’s always exciting to know that you have new and faster hardware to “play with” and that your websites will load faster and be able to handle more traffic.

What the company never told their clients was that their forced “upgrade” of the servers would mean a significant increase of their prices as well! So, I started out renting their hybrid server paying like $80 per month (which was still reasonable given my budget) and all of a sudden they wanted in excess of $140 because of the new hardware, for the same package.

When I told them I quit due to this price increase they appeared dumb-founded like they couldn’t understand why I wanted to leave. I also need to mention that in hind-sight their initial price was already way too high given the rather “mediocre” performance of their servers and the fact that they were NOT managed. (Hint: ‘Managed’ means that someone will always be there to look after the server and can also do common tasks for you, like backups, troubleshooting etc. I myself do MOST things myself since I am pretty experienced with Linux and like to “play around”, but just saying that for some people a ‘managed server’ is definitely worth it, not everyone is a Linux/Apache nerd!)

Best Web Hosting I Ever Had: Wiredtree Hybrid Hosting

So after this disaster and many more “meh” experiences before that I was again looking for a new Hybrid hosting company and came across Wiredtree. I heard about them quite often already since I used to hang-out on webhosting talk and they have a good reputation there. It might be important to know that Wiredtree might possible not be “the cheapest” VPS / Hybrid hoster – but to be honest, for me $10 or $20 more or less are not significant because reliability and finally having a good hosting company was more important to me with all the bad experiences in the past. Their hybrid hosting is $99 per month which is on par with comparable VPS hosters.

I saved a lot of money in three months with Wiredtree

What did it for me was that Wiredtree offered the first three months 50% off of the normal $99 which resulted in significant savings over the company I had before which increased their prices. So, rather than spending a crazy $150 or whatever they wanted for their mediocre, “updated” non-managed hosting I now got 3 months Wiredtree hosting for $150 total ($50 per month) as compared to more than $400 if I had stayed with the old company. I told the old hosting company that this is a significant amount of money for me. The price alone and the savings were a no-brainer to change to Wiredtree.

 Differences in Virtualization Technology Can Be Significant!

Since this is a webhosting review I will spare you technicalities, but one thing needs to be mentioned because it’s important. I try to explain it in simple terms. VPS and Hybrid servers are “virtual” servers which run on physical hardware. The virtualization itself is done via software, such as Parallels/Virtuozzo, XEN, VMWare or whatever other virtualization technology exists there. For the casual webmaster, this might not be important since a virtual server for you will appear like a “real” server, this is the entire purpose of virtualization technology.

But on server level I encountered huge differences depending what technology was used and the biggest difference I saw was in the amount of available memory for the server.

How my server ‘magically’ got more memory with Wiredtree hosting

At the former host I had 4GB of memory but this for some reason was always used up and I constantly run into problems with my memory usage. This was extremely important because I use many cache optimizations which NEED as much server memory as is possible.

When I changed to Wiredtree, although the server initially came with 1GB less (!) memory than with the other company i had significantly more server memory available! I was entirely dumb-founded since I literally cloned my entire old server 1:1 to the new one at Wiredtree and use the exact same optimizations and caches, and I still have way more memory available. In fact, as of this date, I can optimize my server like I want to and can add plenty of MySQL buffers or other shenanigans and NEVER ran into any issues with Wiredtree. I think this is remarkable.

I attribute this to two things: Wiredtree’s virtualization is simply leaving the end user on the server MUCH more physical memory compared to the other one at the previous company plus certain optimizations Wiredtree stuff has done on their end. At least that is what they told me when I brought this up on a few weeks ago. Again: Even with less physical memory initially offered at Wiredtree, I had significantly more real memory free at the server level. I am not talking about 100MB or some measly amount, I am talking about 1.5GB from 3GB free whereas I more or less had no “free” memory with the other company and always ran into problems due to not enough memory.

Many Advantages I Have With The Wiredtree Hybrid Server

It is almost “difficult” to list in detail the advantages of hosting with Wiredtree since i never EVER ran into one single issue or problem with them. The only “issue” if you will is the fact that they initially always call you back when you purchase a server from them and verify your data. In my case it was kind of “funny” since I am currently located in Spain and my street is in fact not to be found in Google maps. (Street addresses in Spain are an entirely different story, believe me 🙂 – so the rep was confused since he couldn’t find my location on the map. But we sorted that out quickly and I got ‘approved’ after one short phone call. (Why my street is still not listed on Google maps still remains a mystery, just as a side-note).

 Huge Surprises After Several Months Hosting My Sites With Wiredtree

Well I told you already that I like to “play around” on my server on occasion and it’s always nice to know when new hardware is added, such as SSDs etc. since you know it will benefit your sites.

In the time I am with them I was already upgraded several times, and believe it or not, never ever was the price increased. For example, several months ago they added SSD caching to all their VPS and hybrid servers.

A few weeks ago I got an email that they will upgrade the memory, add a new RAID 10 SSD and add more bandwidth:

“We have made major investments over the last year upgrading our Hybrid infrastructure, retrofitting existing servers, and introducing new servers to support these increased allocations. Our goal is ensuring you are getting the best value for your money.”

Needless to say, Wiredtreee did not charge one single penny for this! A week ago my server got a new SSD plus another 1GB of memory and more bandwidth and I am still paying the same amount. Remarkable, seeing the experience I had before them where the people blatantly increased their monthly price because of their server updates.

And, oh, did I mention that Wiredtree’s hosting is fully managed as well? So, in other words if i needed assistance like with backups or moving servers etc. I can just chat with a tech and they will do this for me. This is included in the price.

I can honestly say that the Hybrid hosting with Wiredtree is the best and most reliable hosting I ever had, by a long shot. This applies to reliability, up-time, performance and also their customer service.  I can recommend their hosting to anyone in internet marketing or to those who have a small business, people who usually outgrow shared hosting and are looking for “real” hosting.

Get Wiredtree Hybrid Hosting Here!

 (Hint: Enter code ssdboost for 10% off each month! You can also try the codes 2xmyssd1 or 2xmyssd2, 2xmyram and warmholidaywelcome, but I am not sure whether they work also for Hybrids, I know they work for their Xeon server packages.)





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Georg Rauh July 23, 2013 at 9:53 pm

I wanted to add something else. Usually I prefer hosting in the UK since I am residing in Europe but 99% of my traffic is from the US. So UK is always a good compromise for me. With UK hosting I have the advantage I can maintain and log-in to my server(s) from here fast while at the same time being able to provide the best speeds within the US . This is why I first hesitated to go with Wiredtree since they are hosted in Chicago, I thought it might be a disadvantage on my end for maintaining my sites. HOWEVER, speedtests then showed that the connection times from here (Europe) are excellent and I don’t see any disadvantage as compared to a host, say in the UK. So this was another plus why I went with them.


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