SEO Link Monster – A Review of Seo Link Monster

by Georg Rauh on February 13, 2012

Get SEO Link MonsterThe SEO Link Monster Review (Totally Honest!)

Is Brad Callen’s SEO Link Monster Any Good?

I am glad you found my honest review of Brad Callen’s latest and very celebrated product called SEO LINK MONSTER.

Well, in a nutshell, Seo Link Monster is another blog network similar to ALN, Seolinkvine, Articleranks etc. It will give you plenty of backlinks, and likely also increase your Google rankings, no doubt!

The thing is, i have not the slightest idea whether Brad Callen’s new link network SEO Link Monster is any good or not since i do not use it!!

Since everyone and their mama right now is promoting this new link network, we just have to assume it’s fantastic.

I mean, marketers don’t lie, right?

Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying seo link monster is bad. If i would use it and it would turn out bad in terms of backlinks and, most importanly, Google rankings, i would certainly tell you so. So, just to make it clear: I do not know whether SEO Link Monster is worth the money or not. You can sign up and see for yourself, deal? 🙂

The MUCH more important issue here is actually….My Cats!

You read right: CATS! Let me explain. You see, Internet marketing is wonderful. It allows people to “review” a product they have no clue about and praise it as if it’s the coming of the messiah. (Which, to be honest, is a little awkward considering i would have to make up all kinds of stuff about SEO link monster and how it helps in rankings etc..etc.. and i simply do not feel like making things up. Boring.)

The “wonderful” thing here is that you can put links and buttons in your “honest review”, and every time someone clicks to the actual product site via your get paid a percentage of the sale! I mean, this is just fantastic, isn’t it? I tell you, i LOVE internet marketing!

Anyway, now back to Seo Link Monster and….my Cats!

You see, when you click the green button and buy Brad’s SEO Link Monster here, i get commission. 40% to be exact. This is actually pretty lame if you consider that commissions on Clickbank are *usually* way more, for example 50% and very often as high as 75%. But i can’t change that, i just think it’s a little weak…shrug…tsk tsk, Brad…

Anyway, if you click the button or go here to get Seo Link Monster i am getting paid $22.  Well, it’s ok. Not too bad.

How Seo Link Monster Helps CatsSeo Link Monster Comparison

You see, we have a whole lot of cats. I am not telling you the exact number since you might come to the conclusion we are nuts, out of our mind, etc..etc… for having so many cats. Believe me, it was not planned either!

Anyway…those cats are constantly hungry, those little bastards!

Here is where you can actively solve a whole bunch of problems with just ONE click on the green SEO Link Monster Button:

* You might really get top Google rankings because Brad’s new blog network might indeed be the best thing since sliced bread.

* If you get top Google rankings by using SEO Link Monster, you will be happy because you will get more traffic, more money, more [insert whatever here] thanks to the ranking power of SEO Link Monster. Well you get the idea!

* You make me money too because i will get $22! 🙂

* The most important benefit: You help hungry cats! Likelihood is i won’t go and buy a mansion, new computer or similar (i wish)…but rather that this, your money, is used the next time when we go to the store. What do we do when we go to the store? Right! We buy CAT FOOD. Cat food at all the time. Dry food, wet food, food helping for hair balls..etc..etc…

* Cats will be happy, relaxed and calm! (At least for approx. 20 mins until they get hungry again)

Feed the Cats: Click HERE or on the Button Above to Get SEO Link Monster!

You see that Seo Link Monster comes with a whole TON of great benefits for you, me and..most importantly our cats! You do not have anything to lose and will also have a good feeling that you helped some cats! (Ok, in fact you DO have something to lose because it’s your money, grin….but…hey it’s not a big deal because when you buy via clickbank you can always request a refund in case you are not satisfied with a product/service or if the product turns out a dud.

Chances are indeed minimal that someone is able to “rip you off” simply due to this Clickbank refund policy. If you get a turd in disguise etc, refund, no questions asked…issue solved, no money lost!)

Alternatively, you could of course go to another website with a SEO Link Monster “Review” and read what they have to say about the effectiveness of this new blog network. This is a little awkward since for such an evaluation of backlink strength and affect on Google rankings and SERPs it would need a LOT of time, evaluation and comparison, so i am always wondering how someone can write a review about such a complex product 3 days after it got released…but that’s just me….

Anyway, you might say you do not like my review, in fact you might think it’s totally silly and useless – and MAYBE you can’t stand cats either! Of course that would be horrible! As a result, you might leave this page all angry and steaming and end up on some other site where they talk about Seo Link Monster – and simply buy from them. Or don’t buy it at all and spend the money in a bar, or on a few new CDs  etc…etc.. i don’t know…

But, if you decide to get SEO Link Monster from here, just know that the $22 will be used wisely and that my cats will thank you for it!

Feed the Cats!

Click HERE or on the Button Above to Get SEO Link Monster!







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