by Georg Rauh on May 31, 2010

IMEyeIMeye is the new keyword research tool created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

IMeye is currently the buzz of the web, so to speak. It's clickbank gravity and what people and marketers say about it leads us to believe that it is really one of the better recent products. Keyword research is one of the most important things you can do if you are a marketer trying to be successful online.

Most of the ...

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I came across a product called “Google Traffic Loophole” by a fellow named Alex Goad.

Right now, the internet is full with buzz because every affiliate and their mama is promoting this product.

Here is the sad truth about this sad product:

The creator of the product Alex Goad CLAIMS in the sales video it’s a “new” method exposing some kind of loophole on Adwords to get cheap clicks for a penny. He ...

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Adsense Alternative

by Georg Rauh on January 16, 2010

Adsense Alternatives for websitesIf you are looking for an Adsense Alternative, here are at least two ways to turn your site's traffic into cash without relying on Google and Adsense.

The first way to advertise on your site, one which i really like is using CBProads.

CbProads is very similiar to Adsense in that it using the same ad formats, like text ads and can be put on your site pretty much the same way. With the ...

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Find a good Keyword with Adwords

by Georg Rauh on March 2, 2009

Here are some tips how to find a good keyword on Google Adwords which has decent search volume, but not that much competition.

Accessing the Tool for Finding our Keyword

The Adwords tool can either accessed from withing your account, or,if you dont have an account external via this link

Now from the menu start out selecting "tools" in your account, the tool comes up and you can enter some search phrase. In our ...

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Autoblogging Blogger

by Georg Rauh on February 27, 2009

Autoblogging: How to Make some Money on Blogger from Adsense.




This is actually a pretty simple "semi" autblogging method which can be expanded in various ways.

The interesting aspect about this is that we add a twist: We create a semi autoblog on blogger which will get 100% unique content! (Read on how we do this…)

First, you go to a site like and get a NICE blogger template.

You sign ...

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CBProAds, Again. This time it’s a Problem.

by Georg Rauh on February 21, 2009

CBProAds Problem

As much as i love CBProAds – the guys over there need to do something or i need to think about alternatives.

Occasionally it happens that their ad server is down, mostly on the weekend.

If CBProAds server is down, ALL my sites with CBProads on them are basically "down" since the sites are trying to connect to their adserver, basically frozen for a minute or two.

This affects this site, the forum ...

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Does AdSense Arbitrage still work?

by Georg Rauh on February 20, 2009

AdSense Arbitrage – Does it even work?
google is evil

After some initial testing I have problems to believe whether Google AdSense Arbitrage actually works.

I did some testing after someone on a forum claimed arbitrage would still work, eg. using Google Content Network with "cheap" clicks in the max. $0.05/bid range.

He claimed to get a CPC about $0.01 "and some clicks even below $0.01" with traffic mainly from asia and middle east.

So…i made a site ...

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Highest Paying AdSense Keywords

by Georg Rauh on February 19, 2009

highest paying adsense keywords

Highest Paying AdSense Keywords


For February 2009 (Example)

The guys at AdsenseHeaven sell monthly updated keyword lists, and this is good since such research would take a long time.

But many people do not know that there are certain things to consider when looking for the highest paying adsense keywords.

For example, i have the list of 15.000 current "high paying" keywords, and the list is sorted after CPC. (Cost Per Click).

Here the ...

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