Adsense Alternative

by Georg Rauh on January 16, 2010

Adsense Alternatives for websitesIf you are looking for an Adsense Alternative, here are at least two ways to turn your site's traffic into cash without relying on Google and Adsense.

The first way to advertise on your site, one which i really like is using CBProads.

CbProads is very similiar to Adsense in that it using the same ad formats, like text ads and can be put on your site pretty much the same way. With the ...

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CBProAds Review

by Georg Rauh on January 28, 2009

Review of CBProads – ClickBank Ads on Your Website


CBProAds is now my favorite way to advertise on Clickbank, and I tried many scripts to get AdSense Style ads on my sites.

You can see CBProAds in Action on many of my blogs. You will see the ads on the site with the cover pictures. Here why I VERY MUCH like CBProads:

  • CBProAds allows contextual Ads like Adsense, Text or Images.
  • CBProAds can also

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