Where to Submit Articles

by Georg Rauh on March 12, 2010

Do you want to know where to submit articles?

If you are into article marketing like many marketers you might have asked the question where you can submit your articles.

You have a bunch of options for article submission and distribution:

* You use a commercial service like isnare or AAM or unique article wizard.  Those submission services ALL charge monthly fees. You sign up, and then can use those sites to mass distribute your ...

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This looks really, really bad. An avid Facebook user named Harman Bajwa says that his Facebook vanity Url * * was unceremoniously revoked yesterday for violating Facebook’s policies. His new Facebook URL is the much less memorable

Facebook then apparently did a sales deal around the vanity URL with Harman International.

The notice from Facebook (also in image at bottom of post):

Please Read This! WarningThe username you selected was removed for violating


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How to make Money on the Internet

by Georg Rauh on January 18, 2010

Make money online as an affiliateMaking money on the internet is really not difficult, and it also doesn’t need a big budget or spending to get started.

In fact, often you dont need more than your computer, some common sense…and most importantly a strong BELIEF in your success as well as consistency in what you are doing.

Some forms of making money online are more involved and need a certain knowledge. For example, if you want to be a webmaster ...

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs

by Georg Rauh on March 8, 2009

How hard is it to Make Money with Affiliate Programs?


thats the cash you get from affiliate programs



It is scaringly easy to make a living online, and one way to go about it is using what is called "affiliate programs".

What this means: You sell products via various means (more about this later) and you will get commissions for every sale.

Why is this good?

You sell products or services without actually needing to have the products in question ...

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Google, Keyword Tool – And Weird Results

by Georg Rauh on March 7, 2009

Some odd results are coming up in Google’s Keyword Tool …   

I love Google Adwords keyword tool for occasional research – just to get an idea what people are looking for, or as tool to look for new markets…

I noticed something odd, and here is an example what happens if you search for "vista" or "windows".

Adwords keyword tool and weird results

Here you see that for the term "vista" the avg search volume for November and Dezember is reported ...

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The WP Autoblog

by Georg Rauh on February 28, 2009

a typical wp autoblog


What is a WP Autoblog – And why do you want this? How hard is it to set one up?


Well, as you can certainly guess "WP" stands for "Wordpress" which shall be our blogging platform of choice.

A WP Autoblog is therefore an automatic blog which you could set up. "Automatic" because it will be a site which runs 100% automatic, it gets content 24/7 without you having to do anything and ...

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Autoblogging Blogger

by Georg Rauh on February 27, 2009

Autoblogging: How to Make some Money on Blogger from Adsense.




This is actually a pretty simple "semi" autblogging method which can be expanded in various ways.

The interesting aspect about this is that we add a twist: We create a semi autoblog on blogger which will get 100% unique content! (Read on how we do this…)

First, you go to a site like and get a NICE blogger template.

You sign ...

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Why and How you should get started with your Own Blog to Make Money Online.


making money with your blog



It is actually easier than you think to get started with your own blog.

While this site about seo and internet marketing was created using a system called "Drupal" about two years ago, today i would NOT recommend drupal again as blog solution.  Without any further hesitance i would say that WordPress is hands down better.

The ...

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