Ever since Google’s Hummingbird update was announced last month it caused quite a stir. Let me just cite one website where someone claimed that the Hummingbird update will have “significant consequences for content writing and general SEO, apparently affecting around 90% of searches.”  (Seen here). I want to take this opportunity to clear up this myth about the recent Google update.


Google’s Hummingbird is one more step in Google’s attempt to better understand ...

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SEO, Backlinks and Top Rankings on a Budget

by Georg Rauh on September 13, 2011

People are often wondering how they can rank their sites up when they are low on funds and can’t afford expensive, professional SEO Services or software.

The digital marketing and SEO are at least two very effective methods which I use myself in my own SEO. Those methods have proven to be excellent. I am not talking about minimal results but ranking of extremely competitive keywords (“lose weight”) to page #1 in Google.

In other ...

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by Georg Rauh on May 31, 2010

IMEyeIMeye is the new keyword research tool created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

IMeye is currently the buzz of the web, so to speak. It's clickbank gravity and what people and marketers say about it leads us to believe that it is really one of the better recent products. Keyword research is one of the most important things you can do if you are a marketer trying to be successful online.

Most of the ...

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I came across a product called “Google Traffic Loophole” by a fellow named Alex Goad.

Right now, the internet is full with buzz because every affiliate and their mama is promoting this product.

Here is the sad truth about this sad product:

The creator of the product Alex Goad CLAIMS in the sales video it’s a “new” method exposing some kind of loophole on Adwords to get cheap clicks for a penny. He ...

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One of the best ways for one way link building to get quality backlinks is using a link building network. articleranks

I did recent analyses of backlinks, and i can confirm that many sites which rank extremely high in Google use such networks.

Blog Commenting or Profile Links are (in my opinion) really rather dead and dont provide a lot of value in terms of SEO anymore. I will explain further below. seolinkvine one way link building




What ...

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CB Predators or Clickbank Predators is the upcoming high quality Affiliate Marketing Software masterminded by Chris Fox, Jerome Chapman, Mike Merz Jr & David Raybould.

Some big names in the internet marketing business, so i have high hopes for this!

Clickbank Predators

What is CB Predators?

CB Predators will be an 100% automatic website builder for affiliate sites. It will build complete sites with only a few mouse clicks.

What’s so special about it?

The special ...

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NoFollow and DoFollow Backlinks

by Georg Rauh on January 13, 2010

No follow or dofollow - what is better?Simply spoken, Nofollow backlinks are links on a site or blog which have a special HTML tag on them which tell the search engines not to "follow" aka "value" a link.

We all know the problem of comment spam: People posting comments with their link, people who hope to get some "link juice" to their sites from placing a link back to their site.

Here is what i think:

Enforcing a "nofollow" policy or even ...

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Keyword Elite 2 Coming Soon!

by Georg Rauh on July 25, 2009

We are all eagerly awaiting Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2. It is supposed to come out in August.

Brad is pretty hyped about it, and we all know that usually Brad Callen’s products are top notch. The success of Keyword or SEO Elite has certainly proven this.

Keyword Elite is one of the top marketing and keyword research tools, and i personally actually see it already as a "classic", a must-have tool for any ...

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