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SEO Mistakes & Webmaster Failures to Avoid

by Georg Rauh on February 28, 2011

Let's talk about some very common SEO Mistakes and other failures often done by webmasters and internet marketers.

SEO Mistakes

I admit, in the past it happened that i occasionally fell into those traps myself. But as you should know, also in SEO and internet marketing it's all about learning from the mistakes.

* Focusing on your main page (front page) and neglecting your sub-pages and individual articles in your link building and SEO.

Frequently made mistake. ...

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by Georg Rauh on May 31, 2010

IMEyeIMeye is the new keyword research tool created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

IMeye is currently the buzz of the web, so to speak. It's clickbank gravity and what people and marketers say about it leads us to believe that it is really one of the better recent products. Keyword research is one of the most important things you can do if you are a marketer trying to be successful online.

Most of the ...

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I came across a product called “Google Traffic Loophole” by a fellow named Alex Goad.

Right now, the internet is full with buzz because every affiliate and their mama is promoting this product.

Here is the sad truth about this sad product:

The creator of the product Alex Goad CLAIMS in the sales video it’s a “new” method exposing some kind of loophole on Adwords to get cheap clicks for a penny. He ...

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Ahhh…i KNOW you want this!!

A $100,000.00 “fill in your blanks” template for your sales page for FREE!

Earnings per Hop

You can get a free, professional sales template for your site made by pro marketer Chris Fox!

This very same sales template has already made $100,000.00 in affiliate commissions. Well, those guys certainly know how to word their sales letters! All you need to do is check this link

And then you can download this ...

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CB Predators or Clickbank Predators is the upcoming high quality Affiliate Marketing Software masterminded by Chris Fox, Jerome Chapman, Mike Merz Jr & David Raybould.

Some big names in the internet marketing business, so i have high hopes for this!

Clickbank Predators

What is CB Predators?

CB Predators will be an 100% automatic website builder for affiliate sites. It will build complete sites with only a few mouse clicks.

What’s so special about it?

The special ...

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Where to Submit Articles

by Georg Rauh on March 12, 2010

Do you want to know where to submit articles?

If you are into article marketing like many marketers you might have asked the question where you can submit your articles.

You have a bunch of options for article submission and distribution:

* You use a commercial service like isnare or AAM or unique article wizard.  Those submission services ALL charge monthly fees. You sign up, and then can use those sites to mass distribute your ...

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Traffic Ultimatum

by Georg Rauh on March 6, 2010

Traffic Ultimatum – The New Product by George Brown

Creator of Traffic UltimatumIf you are even remotely active in Internet Marketing you know George Brown, the Creator of Google Sniper. Google Sniper is one of the most successful marketing products ever created, hitting #1 in Clickbank basically over night.

George is a genius Internet Marketer, dont be fooled by the fact that he is only 19 year old.

I know George from the Warrior forum, he is a ...

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How to make Money on the Internet

by Georg Rauh on January 18, 2010

Make money online as an affiliateMaking money on the internet is really not difficult, and it also doesn’t need a big budget or spending to get started.

In fact, often you dont need more than your computer, some common sense…and most importantly a strong BELIEF in your success as well as consistency in what you are doing.

Some forms of making money online are more involved and need a certain knowledge. For example, if you want to be a webmaster ...

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