Is Keyword Research Still Important Today?

by Georg Rauh on November 27, 2013

keywords and keyword researchI am not sure what to think when I visit certain webmaster forums like the warrior forum. It seems that the majority of people there must have entirely missed what transpired in the last two years when it comes to search engine marketing and optimization.

There are still people who believe in the importance of keywords and keyword research.

People are still digging into keyword lists they got by using Google’s keyword tool, they ...

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Why Keyword Research is Nonsense

by Georg Rauh on March 1, 2011

Keyword Research Nonsense

I don't know how many years i am already using keyword research software, like Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder or countless other tools.

Many times in the past i said on internet marketing and seo forums how important keyword research is.

Now don't get me wrong, i am still recommending such tools like Market Samurai et. al. because they have their use.

But the important thing is that my stance in regards to keyword ...

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by Georg Rauh on May 31, 2010

IMEyeIMeye is the new keyword research tool created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

IMeye is currently the buzz of the web, so to speak. It's clickbank gravity and what people and marketers say about it leads us to believe that it is really one of the better recent products. Keyword research is one of the most important things you can do if you are a marketer trying to be successful online.

Most of the ...

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I came across a product called “Google Traffic Loophole” by a fellow named Alex Goad.

Right now, the internet is full with buzz because every affiliate and their mama is promoting this product.

Here is the sad truth about this sad product:

The creator of the product Alex Goad CLAIMS in the sales video it’s a “new” method exposing some kind of loophole on Adwords to get cheap clicks for a penny. He ...

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Here some recent list of really good tools for SEOs, webmaster and linkbuilders.

WARNING: Some of the stuff is extremely, extremely cool and helpful!!

This one is by far the best tool for checking backlinks and link strength. It lets and others look old and outdated, believe it.

link diagnosis par excellence!What is so good about it?

First off, it doesnt use the Yahoo siteexplorer API which 99% of the other sites use, therefore it doesnt count ...

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Scrapebox – Fantastic SEO Tool

by Georg Rauh on January 7, 2010

I recently purchased Scrapebox which is a fantastic all-around SEO tool which certainly *can* also be used for blackhat SEO purposes – and white hat as well.

I need to say that this tool is *at least* on par with SENuke/Xrumer and it can make other tools like RSSBot look old and redundant. The flexibility and power of scrapebox are just out of this world.

Scrapebox incorporates several blackhat, grayhat and whitehat tools in one, and ...

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Very Good Free SEO Tools

by Georg Rauh on January 7, 2010

The guys over at metafever have an excellent collection of almost 80 (!) free SEO online tools, this is probably the best list of tools of that kind in one place – and it’s 100% free.

The collection conists of any kind of SEO tools, starting from backlink checkers, keyword and keyword density checkers, header checkers and what not. Its absolutely excellent. Thanks to metafever from warrior forum to provide such a list and easily ...

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Use a Keyword Search Tool

by Georg Rauh on December 12, 2009

man using a keyword tool to do research

Use a Keyword Search Tool like Market Samurai to find Good Niches and Keywords.  

Keyword Research is the most important thing you should do! In this example here we are using it for successful Article Marketing. Read on.

There is a “frightening” number of people who read on some forum that having their own websites or article marketing is profitable. So they sit down and write articles or start working on a site, and ...

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