Google Sniper

by Georg Rauh on December 10, 2009

Google SniperIs Google Sniper Any Good?

I took a quick look at Google Sniper – so this is rather a mini review, bear with me.

I am pretty aware that this product is one those "hyped" ones with big gravity on clickbank, and i personally didn't see anything "new" or secret about it which i did'nt already know.

But i have to admit that the product is very good and solid. Google Sniper talks about proven ...

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Keyword Elite 2 COUPON!!

by Georg Rauh on August 28, 2009

Keyword Elite V2.0 $100 OFF!!

Keyword Elite 2.0 is out and normally it would set you down $197.

Get Keyword Elite 2.0 by Brad Callen for $100 OFF:


Apply Coupon Code bmccs109

Bingo! Keyword Elite 2.0 for only $97!!




G. ...

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A Good Keyword Search Tool

by Georg Rauh on July 27, 2009

If you are doing Internet Marketing you want a keyword search tool. We will prove to you why, and how it can help in whether your article marketing or website or adwords campaign will be successful – or not.

You can use keyword research software to weed out non profitable keywords beforehand – and you can actually (to a certain extent) predict whether your site or article will rank high in Google, with the proper ...

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Keyword Elite 2 Coming Soon!

by Georg Rauh on July 25, 2009

We are all eagerly awaiting Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2. It is supposed to come out in August.

Brad is pretty hyped about it, and we all know that usually Brad Callen’s products are top notch. The success of Keyword or SEO Elite has certainly proven this.

Keyword Elite is one of the top marketing and keyword research tools, and i personally actually see it already as a "classic", a must-have tool for any ...

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Article Marketing is Better than Adwords – Part II

Advanced Article Marketing

Well yesterday i was talking about my successfull attempts at article marketing, and today i want to expand on this since there is a hell of a difference between "Article Marketing" and "Article Marketing done Right".

We will be talking about Advanced Article Marketing.

In a screenshot yesterday you saw that one article on ezine got more clicks on ...

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Article Marketing is Better than Adwords

First, a little background about my own internet marketing career. I am in IM for about three years now and i tasted as good as all aspects of online marketing already. 

I am using Pay-Per-Click (Adwords) for about the same time, about three years, here mainly with clickbank. The other main source of my income is through my own products. I am clickbank vendor and affiliate.

Recently i also ...

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Superb Tool for Keyword Density

by Georg Rauh on March 8, 2009

I just got word of a new free Keyword Density Tool which you can find here:

Thanks to Martin Avis from Warrior Forum!

What the tool does: You can paste your articles or links in the online form and do a very simple and quick, but extremely helpful keyword density analysis. In addition, the tool also shows you whether your main keywords are in the right HTML (H1) tags.

I am taking this as ...

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Google, Keyword Tool – And Weird Results

by Georg Rauh on March 7, 2009

Some odd results are coming up in Google’s Keyword Tool …   

I love Google Adwords keyword tool for occasional research – just to get an idea what people are looking for, or as tool to look for new markets…

I noticed something odd, and here is an example what happens if you search for "vista" or "windows".

Adwords keyword tool and weird results

Here you see that for the term "vista" the avg search volume for November and Dezember is reported ...

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