Search Engine Optimization Basics

One of the best ways for one way link building to get quality backlinks is using a link building network. articleranks

I did recent analyses of backlinks, and i can confirm that many sites which rank extremely high in Google use such networks.

Blog Commenting or Profile Links are (in my opinion) really rather dead and dont provide a lot of value in terms of SEO anymore. I will explain further below. seolinkvine one way link building




What ...

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Where to Submit Articles

by Georg Rauh on March 12, 2010

Do you want to know where to submit articles?

If you are into article marketing like many marketers you might have asked the question where you can submit your articles.

You have a bunch of options for article submission and distribution:

* You use a commercial service like isnare or AAM or unique article wizard.  Those submission services ALL charge monthly fees. You sign up, and then can use those sites to mass distribute your ...

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Traffic Ultimatum

by Georg Rauh on March 6, 2010

Traffic Ultimatum – The New Product by George Brown

Creator of Traffic UltimatumIf you are even remotely active in Internet Marketing you know George Brown, the Creator of Google Sniper. Google Sniper is one of the most successful marketing products ever created, hitting #1 in Clickbank basically over night.

George is a genius Internet Marketer, dont be fooled by the fact that he is only 19 year old.

I know George from the Warrior forum, he is a ...

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Here some recent list of really good tools for SEOs, webmaster and linkbuilders.

WARNING: Some of the stuff is extremely, extremely cool and helpful!!

This one is by far the best tool for checking backlinks and link strength. It lets and others look old and outdated, believe it.

link diagnosis par excellence!What is so good about it?

First off, it doesnt use the Yahoo siteexplorer API which 99% of the other sites use, therefore it doesnt count ...

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NoFollow and DoFollow Backlinks

by Georg Rauh on January 13, 2010

No follow or dofollow - what is better?Simply spoken, Nofollow backlinks are links on a site or blog which have a special HTML tag on them which tell the search engines not to "follow" aka "value" a link.

We all know the problem of comment spam: People posting comments with their link, people who hope to get some "link juice" to their sites from placing a link back to their site.

Here is what i think:

Enforcing a "nofollow" policy or even ...

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Scrapebox – Fantastic SEO Tool

by Georg Rauh on January 7, 2010

I recently purchased Scrapebox which is a fantastic all-around SEO tool which certainly *can* also be used for blackhat SEO purposes – and white hat as well.

I need to say that this tool is *at least* on par with SENuke/Xrumer and it can make other tools like RSSBot look old and redundant. The flexibility and power of scrapebox are just out of this world.

Scrapebox incorporates several blackhat, grayhat and whitehat tools in one, and ...

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Backlinks Quality versus Quantity

by Georg Rauh on December 30, 2009

backlinks and seoI recently observed that a competing site can outrank another site even if they have very bad on-site SEO. The competing site has barely 18 backlinks and is ranking #1 in Google for a very good keyword. The competing site has no SEO at all, its a simple and ugly page with only ONE page indexed in Google.

My own site has 300+ backlinks and way, way better on-site SEO.

Reason: Competing site has all ...

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Keyword Elite 2 COUPON!!

by Georg Rauh on August 28, 2009

Keyword Elite V2.0 $100 OFF!!

Keyword Elite 2.0 is out and normally it would set you down $197.

Get Keyword Elite 2.0 by Brad Callen for $100 OFF:


Apply Coupon Code bmccs109

Bingo! Keyword Elite 2.0 for only $97!!




G. ...

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