How to Build a Successful Website

by Georg Rauh on December 5, 2013

Building a Successful WebsiteI was planning to possibly write an ebook on building a successful website, but I thought I will start this off with a post here where I put the most essential things into easy to read form.

If you read this, a certain level of experience may be helpful, for example you should know how to set-up WordPress or you should know some basics about finding a good niche.

I also do not want to ...

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Is Keyword Research Still Important Today?

by Georg Rauh on November 27, 2013

keywords and keyword researchI am not sure what to think when I visit certain webmaster forums like the warrior forum. It seems that the majority of people there must have entirely missed what transpired in the last two years when it comes to search engine marketing and optimization.

There are still people who believe in the importance of keywords and keyword research.

People are still digging into keyword lists they got by using Google’s keyword tool, they ...

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SEO, Backlinks and Top Rankings on a Budget

by Georg Rauh on September 13, 2011

People are often wondering how they can rank their sites up when they are low on funds and can’t afford expensive, professional SEO Services or software.

The digital marketing and SEO are at least two very effective methods which I use myself in my own SEO. Those methods have proven to be excellent. I am not talking about minimal results but ranking of extremely competitive keywords (“lose weight”) to page #1 in Google.

In other ...

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The best link building strategy

by Georg Rauh on March 6, 2011

It happens quite often that people in forums and elsewhere are asking "What is the best link building strategy?"

This is especially the case every time after a "major" Google algorithm change, like the last one. People are asking "what do i need to do now in regards to my link building and SEO efforts?" since everything (supposedly) has changed.

Here is the deal: The longer i observe and look at other people's ...

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SEO Mistakes & Webmaster Failures to Avoid

by Georg Rauh on February 28, 2011

Let's talk about some very common SEO Mistakes and other failures often done by webmasters and internet marketers.

SEO Mistakes

I admit, in the past it happened that i occasionally fell into those traps myself. But as you should know, also in SEO and internet marketing it's all about learning from the mistakes.

* Focusing on your main page (front page) and neglecting your sub-pages and individual articles in your link building and SEO.

Frequently made mistake. ...

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SEO Hosting

by Georg Rauh on February 8, 2011

SEO HostingWhat is SEO Hosting – And what to look for if you want it.

If you are doing internet marketing and SEO, you might have heard that term already and wonder what it means. SEO Hosting usually entitles what is called multiple c class ip hosting.

In simple speak, this means that you can have web sites running on different IP addresses, multiple web sites which do not share the same (physical) network.

Why ...

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