Writing and Wording a good Adwords Ad

by Georg Rauh on October 14, 2007

Here are some tips how to write effective and catchy Ads for Adwords which guarantee a high CTR

Those are based on my own observations, and some of you might find those tips helpful.

Some general tips for your Adwords and PPC wording:

When i write and plan wording for an an Ad i alway look at the competition first. Many of the Ads use common phrases and wording.

Say you are an amazon affiliate: You can be sure that a majority of the Ads you see by Amazon Affiliates use the phrases "Shipping in 24 hours" or "Free Shipping". This is not necessarely bad. But this means that many of those Ads look the same, and you certainly want to stand out with your Ad, don’t you ?

Always think about a potential customer’s perspectice. Here are some common psychological factor to consider:

People looking for a product online certainly are not impressed by standard-phrases like "cheap" "we are the cheapest" and similiar. Again, you might get a few clicks here and there, but that’s about it.

People looking for and wanting to buy products online certainly look for the special deal. Something which makes them feel that a potential merchant/pricing is an opportunity they just cant pass and this special pricing (or merchant) would stand our from the rest.

Many potential online shoppers use the net to do price research and want to buy an item at a place they discovered to save money, something they can be proud of on an emotional level since they found that great deal online.

So do not give them what any other adword ad already tells them.

And we can give it to the potential customer:

We have two lines in adwords to work with since i always use the headline of ad for the keyword/product name exclusively and nothing more.

1) I use "Catch Words" which are sure to draw attention. This depends on the language and market you target. (Here in this article i focus on the english-speaking adwords market.) "Cheap" is not really a catchy word since everyone uses it. "Special Offer" would be way, way better.

"Special Offer" is very good since it implies a special event at the merchant, one which might be even limited in time. We can emphasize this by adding "Now", making it a "Special Offer on Gadget X" or a "Introductory Offer" or an "Anniversary Sale" or similiar catchy phrase which implies an uniqe event which would lift us up from the crowd. This event happens only at our place (of course) while other Ads just use standard phrases like "cheap" and the usual.

Very important in my opinion is using the word "now"
to imply that a event or special sale just started, it also implies a limited timeframe of your "Special"-Event. We can also extend this and use phrasing like "limited" or "for a limited time", "introductory" or similiar.

Use wording which is catchy, but not overused like common phrases like "cheap", "deal", "bargain". Everyone uses them !

Since people are looking for special deals and often spend quite some time researching pricing is a good idea to add the fact that you’re not only selling new products, but also used ones or refurbished ones! This can be used for Amazon Affiliates and for ebay.

The potential buyer gets even more the impression that he will get this special deal on an item, that he will get a wanted product really, really cheap since you also have used products in your catalog and the customer can chose between new, used or refurbished. Why do you think ebay is such a success ? Because people get products cheaper there than at a retail store.

Ads examples:

Blue Widgets
Limited Special Offer: Widgets – new
and used marked down now!

Blue Widgets
Special Event: Widgets – new
and used now marked down!

Blue Widgets
Limited Sale: Widgets – new
and used now on sale!

Blue Widgets
Pricebomb: Widgets new or
used now seriously marked down!

(I have to admit that i have way better wording and phrases there for my german campaigns and those english examples are not that great as i think my german ones are. But you get the idea. Emphasize on catchy phrases, but dont overdo it with words like "cheap", "sale", "bargain" etc.

Make it clear that something happens now (or just started) to catch attention.

Stand out
from the crowd by offering a variety of deals on new, refurbished and used items if you have the option to do so since people are always looking for deals. If you sell eg. cameras as a amazon affiliate, people might actually do get great deals on refurbished cameras in your store, way below what the others charge for them: Make sure you hint on that in the ad. Stand out.

The whole point of this is to try to get into the mind of the potential customer, and what he is looking for going online looking for a product. He might ignore competitors since all of them use the same wording anyway.

You, however, might draw attention

NB: This is ONE method of drawing attention. There are certainly more good ways to write good ads and you can combine those with the above method. Try them out with ad-text variations on Google Adwords. Use other known and proven methods too and combine them.
Eg. emphasizing on numbers like "Up to 80% reduced" or be just really, really bad and use phrases like "lowest prices online" or "lower price than anyone else", "best prices online" or similiar – even if such phrases are quite common.





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